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Is remote work dead?

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Is remote work dead? Or is it just the beginning? Why did a lot of companies fail during COVID-19 while working remotely? In this great video, Jordan Carroll tries to answer these questions on the Running Remote Conference in Lisbon.

My Thoughts on Remote Work

Embracing remote work is more than just a change of location; it’s a shift in mindset and philosophy. When the pandemic forced companies to transition to remote work without adequate preparation, it’s no surprise that some faced significant challenges.

  • Inadequate Tools: Many teams lacked the tools and resources to support effective remote collaboration.
  • Communication Challenges: Companies often struggle with adjusting from synchronous to asynchronous communication, which is key to successful remote work.
  • Lack of Documentation: Transparent and accessible documentation of workflows, decisions, and policies is crucial for remote teams. Unfortunately, many organizations fell short in this regard.
  • Unprepared Leadership: Managing remote employees requires focusing on results rather than monitoring time spent in the office, a shift many leaders were not ready to make.

Moreover, the transition to remote work is not instantaneous; it takes time for employees and organizations to adapt to this new way of working. At the same time, not everyone may prefer remote work, especially in densely populated areas like Hong Kong. But for sure, there’s no denying the growing demand for flexibility in the workplace – wherever employees work from.

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